Tined Weeder (Aerostar)


Suitable for tractors from 15 to 90hp tractors.

All AEROSTAR Tined Weeders are fitted with 7mm tines for arable land. 6.5mm tines for vegetables are also available.

70% of the weed can be destroyed with mechanical weed control. The remaining 30% does not directly damage the culture plant.

From the 70%, 70% of weeds are covered in the germination stage and 30% of the weed is destroyed by being pulled out, therefore, the correct timing of the operation is crucial.

The AEROSTAR has a line spacing of 2.5cm using 40 tines per m working width as standard. The number of tines and the exact tine guidance with a 28mm long plastic holder
offers a higher tine vibration in connection with the working width. The better tine vibration allows a better soil preparation so more pourable soil, covering the weed is created.

1.5 to 3.0m = Non Folding
4.5 to 9.0m = Hydraulic Folding
9.0 to 15.0m = Gullwing Folding
Optional equipment available at extra charge

  • 4 pieces of Track Eliminator Tines (for Shear Retractor) including toolbar.
  • 8mm Tines, 490mm long.
  • 6.5mm Tines (for vegetables).
  • Row crop adjustors.
  • Wide wheel brackets from 1.5 to 1.8 (per pair).
  • Extension counter balance kit for vegetable growers (2 plates per machine).

7mm tines as standard

6.5mm for vegetables available on request



What our customers say

  • Thank you for your fantastic service.  We have received the stems and put them to work straight away.

    What a difference when you have the right stuff!  Brilliant.  After so much buggeration, it restores my faith to find a company that knows what they are talking about and acts so professionally.

    Phil Emmett
  • It was the build quality that really impressed us.  We could see the strength of the frame, and that each hoe is mounted on it’s own wheel for contour following.

    Robert Herrod