Sportstar Grass Harrow

Model: Sportstar

Designed for use on all types of sports fields including golf courses, football pitches, racecourses, playing fields and all amenity areas of grass.
Standard features:

  • 6.5mm x 490mm long tines, parking stand and 4 depth wheels on 4.5m machines upwards.
  • 1.5 to 6.0m available

Can be fitted with Einbock Seeder Boxes.

The machine is pulled behind the tractor on 2 or 4 supporting wheels, which provide a consistent depth for the 6-tined weeder sections. The tines can be brought in the necessary slating position with an adjusting lever.

The pipe carrying the tines is stable and does not twist – this guarantees the same adjustment of the tines over the full length of the pipe, what again ensures an equal aggressiveness of the tines in working position. Especially in hard soil conditions this is extremely important. To keep the tines on the correct track is ensured by the exact guidance of the plastic holders. Therefore the tines are always kept in driving direction what makes them vibrate stronger. With these holders the tines cannot twist or get loose. The spring-coils are positioned under the holder, therefore the tines can vibrate more easily and all movements come out of the spring.

If there should be a break of the spring tines in spite of the highest quality, a tines protection prevents demands of people and also of the machine because of tines which get loosing on the grassland.

Working widths: 1.50 m till 12.00 m (from 4.5 m with hydraulic folding)



What our customers say

  • Thank you for your fantastic service.  We have received the stems and put them to work straight away.

    What a difference when you have the right stuff!  Brilliant.  After so much buggeration, it restores my faith to find a company that knows what they are talking about and acts so professionally.

    Phil Emmett
  • It was the build quality that really impressed us.  We could see the strength of the frame, and that each hoe is mounted on it’s own wheel for contour following.

    Robert Herrod