Brush Hoes


These unique products have been produced by Baertschi  for over 25 years. They have proved to be very successful in a wide range of organic and non-organic vegetable, nursery and herbaceous crops etc.

Fully adjustable to work in row widths from 13cm and upwards in 2cm increments.

Crop protecting tunnels are available in 6cm, 10cm and 14cm. These tunnels completely protect the crop from the driven brushes.

Available as P.T.O or Hydraulically driven and as rear or front mounted operator guided.

Toolcarrier mounted into Fendt and Rath Toolcarriers etc.



What our customers say

  • Thank you for your fantastic service.  We have received the stems and put them to work straight away.

    What a difference when you have the right stuff!  Brilliant.  After so much buggeration, it restores my faith to find a company that knows what they are talking about and acts so professionally.

    Phil Emmett
  • It was the build quality that really impressed us.  We could see the strength of the frame, and that each hoe is mounted on it’s own wheel for contour following.

    Robert Herrod