Bedformer Douplex D35


D35-130 130/51.2 working width 52 Blades 40-50hp
D35-150 150/59.1 working width 60 Blades 50-65hp
D35-170 170/66.9 working width 68 Blades 65-80h


What our customers say

  • Thank you for your fantastic service.  We have received the stems and put them to work straight away.

    What a difference when you have the right stuff!  Brilliant.  After so much buggeration, it restores my faith to find a company that knows what they are talking about and acts so professionally.

    Phil Emmett
  • It was the build quality that really impressed us.  We could see the strength of the frame, and that each hoe is mounted on it’s own wheel for contour following.

    Robert Herrod